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Nothing happens anymore here?

Anyhow, I am still alive. But I distanced a bit from my artist identity. After all from the principle of showing off myself. I continue doing stuff but exposing myself online became unpleasant. I prefer people spending less time in virtuality. The logic consequence: I don’t wanna feed this monsterous machine with even more content so that the people don’t spend more time sticking to their screens.

So switch off your thingy and go out! or just look what is around you…


Now, everybody wants to read here, where I have studied, with who and how long? Which price I have won? Where I have had single-exhibitions?
Is in my opinion not as important as the personal convictions, why I do this. This what? (Whatever you can find on this site. What this is, I also don’t know.) If I do it well, it’s everybodys own decision, isn’t it? Therefor I don’t need any certificate. Nevertheless, while I’m at it, I might tell, that I quit my studies of Design in Nuremberg after 3 semesters and one in Paris. I think it was a good idea. I don’t need anybody telling me what I should paint. Or values if it is good what I am doing. Well, I also learned usefull things there. But how to apply these techniques, I want to decide on my own.
I prefered the exchange at eye level in a freely chosen environment. So not with the person who decides, whether you are good or bad, but with other people from the art-collective (which formed itsself during my dropping out) or just with any people, who look at my stuff.
I didn’t win any price. Wait, yes, in the 8th grade of college an economy-quiz.

I did say, that convictions would be more important than numbers. That is a difficult thing to write about ones convictions. Until now I tried to get around assigning myself to any terms, because always the half of what they stand for, didn’t suit me. But this is always a question of definition. If I don’t want to be put in the artists-drawer, but still I am one, I might eventually have to simply change the drawer. Or rather find a place there and close myself of from the part, that makes it so unpleasant for me to be described as an artist.
Besides, there are also other drawers, where I might feel confortable: The one of the Anarchists or the one of the Feminists. Yes, I think I would apreciate to be called an anarchist or feminist, as long as it is not forgotten, that I also want to be artist. That is actually the problem about the drawers. Somehow, they don’t allow to be in more of them at the same time.
At the moment, this poly-drawerism, apparently makes me not feel very well anymore in my old artistic home. I need a more radical place. Less hierarchies. More anticapitalistic. Or just a little bit more green around. That is difficut, because I don’t know where this place is. But if I don’t look for it, I can stagnate here forever untried, sometimes really, sometimes slightly unsatisfied.
The Ecotopia-Biketour was already a step in the right direction. Lets see where I end up now…


Critical-of-the-system and critical-of-the-art art

Selbstportrait 30.5.2016

The question „What is art?“ is actually furthermore irrelevant. It is exclusionary. In the end it doesn’t matter. Art is a marker pen. “Here look at me, I am worth to see!” A picture frame.
But to say „This is no art.“, is inadmissible paternalismt. It is the personal descision of each individual, whether it suits, touches or just is relevant.
I like culture, so I make myself some. Best of all with the others for all. Live the self-governed art!

At the moment, I am focussed on arty, critical reportage.
I do reports of experiences in picture and text:
Exploring attentive. Travelling. See tensions, keep them, work on them, communicate them.
Tell stories. About deficiencies, denounce and make aware. Stories about alternatives, demonstrate them, show, that it also works different.
The most minimalistic way possible, with the stuff available. No battles of material. For example with ballpen in a self-bind book from waste paper. With black an white color on old journal. Printed in principle only on recycling-paper.
Easy accessable, if someone wants to have something, there are donation-suggestions. Everybody pays as much as she or he wants.

For now, I will go travelling again. Collect new impressions, reorientate myself. This summer I’m cycling with the Ecotopia-Biketour!



Imagine, there would be no private cars in the city. How wonderfully much space would be suddenly on the streets. Probably, constant picnic and flea-market would occupy the areas, currently blocked by parking cars. No, you don’t have to go shopping with your car! You also just strap a basket to your bike. It simply annoys me, how ignorant everyone treats his/her environment. How they are reving up their engines and accelerating short before the red traffic light. How they are stocking up with tons of plastic-packed bright products. How they all sit together and stare at their smartphones instead of having a real conversation.

Well and then? Moaning is always easy. To say now, how it has to go, is such an arrgoant know-it-all manner. All the phrases that come to my mind, (Everybody has to find its own way/You don’t need much to live/…) sound like a dull blurb of “How am I happy?” Nevertheless, they are right. Nobody can now just present the ultimate solution.
Haha, yes, I have an idea! Simply do it all like me, then its super! No, please not!

At the moment I’m working as Illustrator and portraitdrawer, making a bit music with the Borgo-Ensemble and will try to move our community-workshop as well as the open free-space, das Heute: Because 2016, we don’t have our old home, the former Quelle-shipping-center, at our disposal. In future, a gigantic shoppingcenter, luxury- and council flats and bureaus and storage shall find their place here. Well, now, anyhow, it is going to be emptied and switched off. If then something happens and what is another question.

selfportrait 27.5.14


The big question: Why do you do this?
Because I like it. It just makes fun to paint, to film, to build, to write. This is no serious reason? Yes, yes. (Imagine, everyone would only do what he likes. What a wonderful world!)It is, anyways firstly the trigger. Then it goes on. Sometimes, I see how I can touch people with my work. “Art” would then be my contribution to this strange world. In this world, where everything has to be efficient and senseful, I am happy to practise the only profession that has no obivous sense.
I make: painting/drawing, sculpturs, film, illustration and events.

At the moment I’m taking part in the following projects:

In the “Heute:__”(“Today:__”),the room of art and culture of the Quellkollektiv, I take care of the public relations, of some expositions and I open the room on friday from 18 to 22h. www.raumheute.de

In the Futterbombenbande, I supply with my gang-colleagues the flatcommunities and supermarket-opponents of Nuremberg for nothing. Every thursday at 18h there is food for everyone! http://projekt31.org/futterbombenbande/selbstdarstellung

selfportrait 27.5.13


I love the moment, when I realize that I like the stuff that I am being working on. When I realize, that I touches me, that it fills me with enthousiasm. I hope that the same energy, that I put in will reach others that watch/touch/listen/… my work. Thats my dream, to give this feeling to the people!

To be creativ in community is the absolutly genious manifestation of this energy. To draw the musicians in the rehearsal of a band, while they are playing. To sink tokether in trance, one inspires the other, an elation!
Or to create together a common work, im sitting with a friend in a smoky bar, we scribble in an old book. An ape, surounded by patterns, creats spotainious luck!
Or a kind of dialoge: I drew a car on a role of toilet-paper, I’m looking forward to Solènes answer!

autoportrait 27.5.12

Be crazy! Just a little bit crazy. Parrots in my head give birth to dices. Look, its a Full House!

I try to be never part of the “great machinery” Quite the opposite, I want to show it and to protest against it. I want to support alternatives and show other ways.

Have a nice day!

My name is Lukas, I am 22 years old, studying Illustration and travelling.

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