ensemble #3


Since a while I have this problem that all my art-related activities and works are very egocentric. It is annoying me, to do things always only alone. Me, me, me. I found out that I am actually barely anymore (or never was) able to create any kind of creativity – art, music, whatever – out of nothing. The circumstances really have to be very inspiring that there is any fruitful outcome.

What inspite works super good, is collaborative working. Painting-games, simply drawing together, jamming,… Also early I did this every now and then, it now became one of my favorite ways to make art. Under „Kollaborationen“ you can find older things related.

These drawings are all from Rocalet. We had a bunch of ambious „artists“ coming here. In several sessions we produced those really weird pictures. Some of them are drawn into a old plumbing-school lesson-book that we found in the basement. Others are drawn onto some papers we found in the bin of a supermarket in spain…

Über lukasseite

system- und kunstkritische Kunst. aktivistischer Illustrator // reisender Portraitzeichner // kulturschaffender Radfahrer // Sand im Getriebe // Ein Tropfen im Ozean //

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