After my stay in Bure I continued southwards in France. I wanted to visit a place of some people that I met already in automn. I was looking for already quiet some time for a community with a philosophy that would fit my way of live and political views. And this one seemed pretty cool, so I wanted to check it out.

the house! one part of it: the food-stockage and the new window-caban on top of it.

And indeed, it is cool there! A lot of things are going on every day, plenty of projects are happening at the same time. And really friendly and open people are living there. I felt immediatly like at home. And of course the nature is very beautiful. Well, sounds like paradise, no?

chill-out and herbs-plantation construction (fence-protected against chicken)

During my stay I was helping to clean the water-reservoir. So that there is running water in the house later on. The wall next to the reservoir was falling apart, so we had to rebuilt it. We made 3 little terrasses from things that we could find around. We included the beam that was laying across the slope and a fig-tree growing in the middle, put some new posts in the soil, made walls from old concrete plates (that were once a rabbit-stable) and wood and filled it up with the soil that was accumulating around the reservoir.

I went for dumpsterdiving and on a agricultural flea-market, where we bought lots of garden and kitchen tools and equipment for the future forge. I also participated in the construction of the window-caban. We added one „wall“ and I installed a 2-winged-door. We went for several walks, on the mountains, in the forest, down to the river, having ice-cold bath (saucette in quebecois = just dipping) I repaired several chairs and took the juice from birch-trees. I collected loads of trash from the soil(its full of stuff because the acient owner was a really messy person that apparently just threw anything they didn’t need anymore down the hill) and we cleared up the cellar. I learned a lot about wild and edible herbs and helped with sowing and making the hills for plantations. We visited many friends that live close and we went to an event where some people travelling with donkeys cultivate every place where they stay. We planted trees with them and had a workshop how to graft trees:

notes from the workshops

relaxing in the music- and livingroom

Another big project that happend quiet spontaneously when I was there, was the construction of a shed for the bikes. We chose a place inside a ruin next to the house where there was already a big metal-post in the ground. We added a second wooden one that we found in the broken barn. For the roof, we suddendly realised, that the beams that were on a pile next to the ruin would exactly fit to connect the new structure with the old walls. We were actually about to construct a new roof for the ruin. And slowly but surely with a lot of discussions how we should do it, we built the shêteau, as we called it (=mix from shed and château, french for castle). Me and my comrade never thought we would be able to create something as big as that! Really cool expierience!!

Later on I continued to built the storage-system for the bikes, the actual purpose of this project. I found some old metal iron bands, which heated up in the fire could be bend to Us. Protected with a bit of innertube, those things were screwed into the new wall.

bikes can be hanged and other bikeparts are stored under the roof. =>more space on the ground for more other things…


one of the habitants gave a concert with their band in bar in the next village. They are called „The neighbours from the opposite“

this is the cooperative bar and café in Gaillac, a small town an hour away. really nice place as well!



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There are no faces on the photos because I want to respect peoples privacy. Therefore you can get an impression within the drawings.




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  1. skiola

    Nice to read this! I love how you make things happen wherever you go. Good luck whatever you’re doing now!

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