Ecotopia Fold-up-Cyclist Artwork

headerpurple170112Last year, I made the artwork for the Ecotopia Biketour. This was a nice experience.

When we met up before Christmas, we all agreed, that the website ( needs a new design. Some things did not work anymore and also the yellow was there since ages. At some point before, I had an idea concerning artwork: I was thinking, that it would be nice, if it wasn’t made by only one person. Like any other task is ideally shared in the Biketour-collective, this one also should be so. This is not so easy, to include people doing this who don’t consider themselves as artistes. But there is a nice game, that I have played many times with many different people and it was always a nice thing, the so-called Faltkavadaver, Männchen-Knick or Klappmonster.

meinthetrainYou draw a part of human-being, beginning with the eyes and fold the sheet up, so that the next person you give it to can only see enough to continue with the nose. And so on with the mouth, the torso, the legs and the feet. Now the idea was to make not just any creatures but cyclists with that technique. Which is quiet challanging, because drawing bikes is super difficult. But also it makes things really funny!

I then took photos of all our communal output, arranged and colored it. This is now the header in our new website-design and also the facebook-banner. Also a general flyer was made from it.



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